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AEGIS Jobs Pvt. Ltd.
Commercial Charges
For Employers
The Professional Service charges for Placement & Recruitment consultancy service provided by AEGIS Jobs Pvt. Ltd. is :-
Position Charges
Upto Managers 8.33% of annual gross salary
Senior Managers 10% of annual gross salary
AVP and above 12.5% of annual gross salary
14% Service Tax would be payable on the billed amount as per Central Excise Rules & Regulation.
For Job Seekers
AEGIS Jobs Pvt. Ltd. accepts resumes from all candidates through Email, Post or personal delivery. There is a no limitation acceptance of a resume for inclusion into the AEGIS Talent Bank. Placement Assistance services are provided as per the AEGIS Jobs Pvt. Ltd. Policies for the associated processes.
For Career Orientation & Professional Resume Services
AEGIS Jobs Pvt. Ltd. conducts a work shop on methods & techniques to help you in the preparation for a job search, interview or career change. This includes Creation of a Professional Resume, training sessions for interview facing techniques, public speaking etc. and inclusion into the AEGIS Talent Bank. This program has a one time fee of Rs. 5000 only.
AEGIS Jobs Pvt. Ltd.
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