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Custom HR Solutions
Custom HR Solutions - starting from sourcing, advertising, screening / shortlisiting, interviewing to organizational orientation.
AEGIS Jobs offers a full range of fully customisable Human Resource solutions to assist your organisation navigate human change and help you make great hires that go on to make a lasting contribution to your organisation.
We offer a full suite of talent management, assessment, development and outplacement services with key focus on working with individuals and groups in such areas as: Assisting individuals within organizations through change, Career Transition and Outplacement Counseling, Career Planning and Development, Work Style Profiling, Competency Development, Team Profiling and Group Development, Performance and Capability Management, as well as Coaching and Mentoring individuals for personal development.
Recent examples of consultancy and project work for clients performed by our recruitment consultants include :
  • Coaching and mentoring staff through change processes as a result of organizational change, performance management issues or personal development needs.
  • A senior member of a leadership team that managed and administered the team running a significant downsizing project for a major SOE.
  • Producing materials for training, development and Career Transition and Career Development programmes. These can be tailored to individual requirements.
  • Career Planning and Guidance, which is tailored to the requirements of the individual.
  • Training and Development Needs Analysis using assessment tools, and tailored questionnaires and interviews.
  • Developing job descriptions, job analysis and assisting with employment contracts.
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AEGIS Jobs Pvt. Ltd.
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