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AEGIS Jobs Pvt. Ltd.
AEGIS Career Placement Services, a division of AEGIS Jobs Pvt Ltd. is dedicated to providing Institutes with a mechanism through which many if not all of their students are provided job placement opportunities on-campus.
We will work and co-ordinate so that several employers come onto the campus each month to meet with students face-to-face, seeking to fill various vacancies within their company. Contact with these representatives will often lead to interviews within a few days, and some will actually conduct an interview on campus.
Mission Statement
To provide programs and services to schools / Colleges / Divisions which…
  • Address short and long term Human Resources requirements
  • Provide innovative solutions that enhance individual and organizational capability
  • Support leaders and employees in developing a culture of exceptional customer service and continuous learning
  • Contribute to employees feeling stimulated, respected, challenged, treated fairly and valued
Recruitment Services
AEGIS Career Placement Services can help companies fill job openings through on-campus recruiting programs, Job Fairs, job posting and resume referral services. Faculty and students also actively participate in community service activities. Our Experience of over 10 years in the Placement and recruitment industry will come handy for both the companies and the institute we work to facilitate placements and on-campus recruitments.
AEGIS JOBS Recruitment Partner companies are the most active recruiting and employing organizations of AEGIS Candidates. These companies are among the strongest in their industry, and represent the very best in supporting AEGIS educational initiatives.
AEGIS Career Placement Services provides the following services:
  • On-Campus Recruitments
    Each year a number of graduate employers contact the Careers Service with the view to interview students who will complete their degrees at the end of the year. These employers tend to focus on Management, Commerce, Engineering, and Informatics students; however there are many that accept applications from all graduates.
  • Career Fairs
    Careers Fairs take place at different times at the year according to disciplines. They are in a market style environment, where you can speak with employers about their organization and how to apply.
  • Registration to AEGIS Jobs Talent Bank
    All Students of the Registered Institute are automatically registered to the AEGIS Jobs Talent Bank and therefore have the extra edge of being listed for jobs always and do not solely have to rely on on-campus recruitments or career fairs. AEGIS Jobs Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed HR and Recruitment consultant placing over 600 candidates a year therefore the candidate has that extra edge.
  • Career Counseling for Better Job Prospects
    To prepare students for "Campus Interviews" we offer workshops in 'Writing Effective Job Applications', 'Writing Effective Job Applications', ' Online Job Seeking Strategies, and 'Job Interview Skills. These will take place in on a regular basis. Other Workshops are held throughout the year on a variety of topics related to you preparing yourself for the workplace and further study.
  • Training and Advice regarding Job Search Options and how to explore and exploit them.
    Job seekers are shown how to build and maintain people networks that will help them to identify new job opportunities in their desired career fields, as well as how to use them to gain important information about companies and specific job opportunities. The Internet is a powerful tool for locating job opportunities, researching companies, and learning more about any topic concerning the job search. This workshop will show the job seeker where and how to access this information on the Internet.
  • Information Sessions
    Employers want to tell you about their organizations and their recruitment process. It is crucial that you attend these as they will allow you to write more focused applications and present better at interviews.
  • Work Place Learning Programs
    There are a wide variety of activities you can get involved in which will help you to: know more about yourself, know more about the workplace; and increase your chances of obtaining employment at the end of your studies. Reflecting on various workplace (and social and community) experiences is critical before you set about applying for jobs. This also involves getting internship opportunities with organizations similar to the one you plan to work with.
Professional Fees for AEGIS Jobs Pvt Ltd Professional Services:
Registration of Institute with AEGIS Jobs Pvt Ltd
Registering the Institute with AEGIS gives you the benefit that all your final year students are automatically eligible for free registration into the AEGIS talent bank and thus have the advantage of a professional placement consultants services.
Rs. 35,000 (Upto 100 Candidates)
Rs. 50,000 (Upto 200 Candidates)
On-Campus Recruitment Services

We shall be charging a professional fee from bringing companies to the campus and also shall require you to pay for the expenses incurred by the company representatives in case the company is not willing to spend the same.
Rs. 25000 for bringing companies on-campus
+ Actual Expenses incurred by the company representatives
Personality, Grooming and Job Hunting Tactics Work Shops
Throughout the year, Career Placement Services presents a variety of workshops that are designed to provide job seekers with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete effectively for employment offers. The dates and times for these workshops are posted on the institute notice board after discussion with the Institute Authorities.
Rs. 2000/- per student per session of 4 days
Placement Charges
We shall charge placement charges only on successful placement of Candidates, the professional fees for this are as below :
Placement of the batch Rs. 6000 Per placement
AEGIS Campus :
We charge Rs. 12,000 and reimbursement of traveling expenses & lodging for two persons per day (out station).
AEGIS Jobs Pvt. Ltd.
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